Courtney, 16, UK. 

Divergent, Demon Trappers, The Mortal Instruments, The Testing, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Fangirl, The Fault in Our Stars, The Host, Harry Potter.

Sherlock, Supernatural, Atlantis, Russell Howard's Good News, The Last Leg, Mock the Week, The 100

5SOS, The Script, Maroon 5, Busted, George Ezra, Ed Sheeran.

Russell Howard, Adam Hills, Alex Brooker, Josh Widicombe, Daniel Sloss

Terror in Resonance

Jake Abel, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jenson Ackles, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Alexander Ludwig, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard, Osric Chau, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Pellegrino, Ty Olsson, Rachel Miner, Richard Speight Jr.

I'm currently watching The 100 on E4 in the UK (Just finished Season 1) and Death Note so no spoilers please!<3

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    If L Lawliet can sit on his ass eat junk food and tell everyone they’re being stupid all day then so can I

    • death note: *a very intricate and complex psychological thriller about the boundaries of justice and how far someone will go to rid the world of evil*
    • fandom: oM G L Is so kA W A ii
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    an in-depth analysis 

  • Death Note Meme: [1/4] Favorite Scenes → The sound of the bells has been running unusually loud today. (Episode 25)
    Tell me, Light, from the moment you were born, has there ever been a moment you actually told the truth?

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    • light yagami: serial killer, completely insane, murders thousands, generally terrifying
    • death note fandom: ah yes.... but what.... would he look like..... in a maid costume......
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    One of these things is not like the other. 

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    Okay, but can we just appreciate this-

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  • I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

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